Performance Yacht Racing USA requires respectful conduct from its clients in relation to the use of services and goods provided by marinas, yacht charter companies, other organizations, and members of the public relating to its activities. You should be aware of the safety and emergency procedures and general operating procedures of any organizations involved in the sailing, training and racing activities of PYR USA and adhere to them. If there is ANY question in your mind as to how something works or how to perform your assigned duties ASK THE SKIPPER to explain. He is there to make sure you and the vessel stay safe; assign duties; and make sure you carry out your duties safely, smartly and properly.
Alcohol – It is strictly forbidden to be under the influence of alcohol whilst engaged in any Performance Yacht Racing USA course or racing.
Prescribed medications – As some medications may cause drowsiness or lessen your ability to function safely, you must inform the skipper of any and all medications you are taking.
Prohibited Substances – Any use or possession of banned substances will be dealt with by expulsion from the event and will be reported to the relevant authorities. PYR USA has a zero tolerance for illegal drug usage or possession.  The Captain of the vessel is required to immediately notify the Coast Guard if drugs or paraphernalia are discovered on board.  Possession of a Medical Marijuana card or script does not allow its possession or use on board, nor does it mitigate the Captain’s responsibility to alert the Coast Guard.
Smoking – Tobacco is prohibited aboard any Performance Yacht Racing USA vessel in any form, be it smoked, vaped, sniffed, chewed or pinched.
Breakages – Breakages and loss caused by negligence or willful damage will be paid for by the culprits.



Performance Yacht Racing USA clients should be aware that sailing and yacht racing can involve risk to person and property.
Whilst generally safe, the nature of sailing involves very powerful, often unpredictable forces of the sea and weather. Much of the equipment used on board sailing vessels carries heavy loads, and can, if not used correctly, cause injury or worse. Performance Yacht Racing USA will endeavor to ensure the safety of all of its clients whilst engaged in sailing and racing activities.
Performance Yacht Racing USA has formulated standing orders, a safety policy and undertaken risk assessment to improve safety in its activities. Performance Yacht Racing USA cannot be held liable for any injury or death caused by the clients involvement in any such activity.


Emergency Services

VHF DSC Alert, followed by transmission on Channel 16
Action in the event of an emergency:
1. Assess danger to yourself and casualty
2. Remove person/persons from danger
3. In the event of an urgency situation concerning the safety of the vessel or persons initiate a PAN PAN call!
4. In the event of grave and imminent danger to vessel or persons initiate a MAYDAY call!
5. Call for help via VHF, telephone (911) or any appropriate signal
6. Make casualty comfortable/place in recovery position. Monitor vital statistics and preform first aid as required
7. Record the incident in the ships log and the Performance Yacht Racing USA accident and incident book


Action in the Event of a Crew Overboard

1. Shout “Man overboard” and deploy MOB gear
2. Indicate position of MOB – visual watch, danbouys, torches, orange smoke, GPS
3. Tack to hove too, drop headsail, start engine (check for lines before engaging)
4. Centre mainsail and bear away downwind
5. After approximately five boat lengths –tack and motor upwind to the casualty
6. Recover to leeward, secure to vessel and lift aboard using life sling or appropriate method


Used when the vessel is in grave or imminent danger of loss of life or death.
Initiate DSC VHF call and then send spoken distress signal.
Format for MAYDAY broadcast is displayed prominently by the chart table, read of details as you transmit.
There is also an Iridium Satellite phone on board which can be used for contacting the emergency services.



Be aware of the location and use of the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon carried on board. Activate in a distress situation only.


Lifejackets, PFDs and Harnesses

MUST be used in the following circumstances:
When required by the Skipper/Master
At night or in poor visibility
When sails are reefed or reduced due to stronger winds
When wearing foul weather gear
When working before the mast offshore
Anytime a crew member requests to do so



Appropriate sailing gear provided either by Performance Yacht Racing USA or the client is to be brought to all yacht training and racing sessions.  Footwear is compulsory when sailing. Gloves are strongly recommended, as are high factor sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.


Weather and Mechanical Issues

Every possible effort will be made to go sailing on your scheduled date and time, however Mother Nature can be unpredictable. For safety reasons PYRUSA reserves the right to cancel any sail due to adverse weather conditions. Adverse conditions include but are not limited to: excessive winds (to be determined by the Captain of the vessel), thunder and lightning storms and other extreme weather warnings issued by local  authorities or The National Weather Service. Please note, in ALL matters regarding crew and vessel safety, the captain’s word is final.
PYRUSA cannot be responsible for last minute mechanical failures. Sunset Child  is maintained to the highest standards but she is a boat and boats break often and occasionally fail at the last minute. Cancelled sails to due to adverse weather conditions or mechanical failure will receive an email voucher valid for one calendar year. Absolutely no refunds will be issued UNLESS previously agreed upon via email or other written medium.
Privacy Policy and Personal Information: During registration on this website, we may collect personal contact and/or transaction related information for PYRUSA use only. We may also collect collect certain website usage data.  We will not sell, share, or otherwise distribute this information to any third party without your consent and knowledge.