Weather– Weather Forecasts for Sailors and Adventurers
Offshore Waters Forecast for Mid Atlantic– NOAA makes it easy to search… sometimes
Coatal Waters/Great Lakes– same as above but closer in
National Hurricane Center
National Doppler Radar Sites
Wind Conditions in the Atlantic– US Naval Research Lab Satellite Images
National Data Buoy Center– This shows you buoy stations and their identifier numbers. Use your phone to call up a buoy in the area you plan to sail via Dial a Buoy by calling 888-701-8992 and then entering the id
Sailflow– Wind Observations and Forecasts
WunderMap– How did we all survive in the days before this?
Barometer Bob– Lots of fun things here.
Interactive Wind Forecast



Free Paper charts (PDF and RNC) and Electronic Charts (ENC) from NOAA
Free Coast Pilots– available for download or online viewing from NOAA
Pilot Charts from NGA
Local Notice to Mariners
NOAA ENC Online– Continuous chart viewer… a little slow at time
Gulf Stream currents– about the best view so far…


AIS Data Sites

Vessel Finder 
Marine Traffic


Miscellaneous Items of General Interest

ATON guide from the USCG
US Chart 1 (PDF from NOAA)
Yacht Scoring (recent race results)
Virtual Skipper (no-wind day stuff)
Fastnet Force Ten (BBC doc on the famous race tragedy of 1979) 
J Class Sailing Promo– sail porn as its best
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston talks about sailing around the world…


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